Self-Employment & Women Empowerment: Inspiring story of Premwati Batham, The Micro Entrepreneur

  • Background and Borrower’s details

Premwati Batham and her husband has been running a bakery successfully from an extension of their home for last 20 years, to earn a living. They bake different types of Biscuits, Pastry, Cake etc., and sell them from their home vicinity. Though she has been doing this for 20 years, their family income is barely INR 5000/- a month. She is looking for a loan which she wants to utilize to upgrade her bakery plant by replacing wood-fired Oven with a gas-fired oven, new baking trays, packaging materials which will help her in reducing the operational cost and increase her marginal cost. She also wants to purchase food items used for baking like Maida, Sugar, Butter, Suji, Rawa, etc. in quantity which will help them increase their productivity of bakery goods and fulfil the demand. This will help them earn more profit with increase in sale. The couple has a son and daughter, and they want to secure their future by saving the profits earned through this future.

  • Success Story

When you pass through Premwati’s Bakery, you cannot miss the fragrance of bakery products sold there and aromas are bound to draw you at her bakery. Customer satisfaction is their aim which enabled them to run the business for last 20 years. They bake all the products using old methodology which impacts their profit. They have utilized the Rang De Loan worth INR 8,000/ to purchase baking trays (INR 2000), a gas cylinder (INR 2000) helping them replace their wood-fired oven which generates pollution particles that is hazardous to health with a Gas-fired oven, raw materials like flour, flavoring powder (INR 3000) & packaging materials like polythene bags (INR 1000). With the Gas-fired oven, she is considering demolishing space vacated by the earlier Wood-fired oven and increasing floor space for the bakery.

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