Activities and Impact

Sl Activities Undertaken Impact
1 Child health initiative for lasting development Timely immunization, control measure on Malnutrition. We have worked district health providers of 3 blocks of district Datia and surveyed 1800 chidren.
2 Vocational training for adolescent girls For the first time rural adolescent girls were provided health and hygiene educational details including family life education which resulted in improvement in knowledge, attitude and behaviour drastically. More than 2400 Adolescent girls and boys covered under programe
3 Community health awareness programmes Dissemination of knowledge on Components of RCH/ NRHM related to health has improved the health status of the community resulting in reduction of IMR/MMR. Rate of institutional deliveries increased from 23% to 40%.
4 Capacity building of village level institutions Dissemination of knowledge on Panchayati raj Gram Swaraj, importance of voting rights and active participation in gram sabha created greater involvement of rural communities especially women at large. In two blocks of District Gwalior 7 Panchayats has been covered.
5 Violence against women in association with PACS Awareness on legal rights of women, how to use legal rights for fighting against violence and community mobilization involvement and support of district administration resulted in socio-cultural upliftment of the women in District Sagar and Videsha in Madhya Pradesh, Approx 7000 thousand women were supported and benefited through PACS programme.
6 Reproductive and child healthcare Community Mobilization to receive health services and linking health service providers to community resulted in better health service delivery and health status of the community especially women and children. Activities under RCH / NRHM conducted in 3 blocks of District Datia.
7 Natural resource management Education on soil conservation and natural resource management and best utilization of water resources resulted in the better utilization of natural resources and socio-economic well being. 7 Panchayats of block Morar District Gwalior. Has been covered to promote the activities.
8 Awareness on National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Assured government program for hundred days’s employment reduced the migration and helped in improving the deserted conditions of the rural poor. Information desemination on NREGA carried in 17 villages of bock Morar District Gwalior
9 Targeted Interventions on HIV AIDS To halt and reverse the epidemic of HIV AIDS and better service delivery to prevent prevalence of STI resulted in safe sexual behavior. TI Project has been conducted in district Mandsour Madhya Pradesh activity focused on 600 FSWs.
10 Study and Research on declining sex ratio Study and research helped in analyzing the root causes of declining sex ratio and resulted in providing measures to check the causes and efforts to eliminate such practices. Study conducted in district Datia where sex ratio assed 930 on 1000 males.
11 Identification; selection and training of Asha’s In order to improve first line for service delivery and support to reduce IMR/MMR. Selection of 300 well trained Asha’s changed the health scenario of the district.
12 Activation of ANM(Auxillary Nursing Midwife) Training School To improve the availability of local ANMs, training school of local ANM in batch of 30 ANM per year is giving boon to the district for better health service delivery at rural level.