Micro-Finance Advisory Committee

Mr Love Kashyap

He is a micro Finance Consultant. He is having a vast experience in the area of microfinance sector. He has also worked as a microfinance consultant with BASIX and ACCESS Development Services respectively.

Mr Krishana Kumar Singh

He had done post graduation qualification in a Programme in Rural Management (PRM) from Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA. He is having a experience of 7 years in the social and microfinance sector and has worked with various named organizations like Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Mumbai, Friend’s of Women’s World Banking , Samhita Community Development Services at managerial level.

Ms Prasanna Nagpal
Chartered Accountants & Micro Finance Practitioner

She is working as a CA for last ten years and is very well versed with the accounting procedures and has worked with many organizations too.

Mr G M Soni
Legal Advisor

M.com, LLB, he is working as a High Court lawyer for the last 15 years.