Social Programmes

Ever since its formation in 1988, VAMA is intensively involved in various development programmes with remarkable achievements.

VAMA mainly focuses on:

  • To promote activities focused on the development of the downtrodden, backward, Dalits & tribal communities.
  • To work for the communities in such a way that they develop spirit for mutual co-operation, participation, gender equity, integrity and justice.
  • To promote education and awareness, on health and nutrition, the use of science and technology based on traditional pattern, ecological farming and sustainable livelihood systems.
  • To promote sustainable utilization of human and natural resources: land, water, biological resources, energy etc. and to popularize the use of renewable/alternative energy sources for ecological restoration.
  • To develop micro enterprises based on local resources and undertake capacity building activities for the up-liftment of the poor marginalized and other vulnerable groups.