Quality Education: Dream of deprived persons for Transformation

This story is dedicated to an uneducated Lady Guddi, belonging to deprived family of village Utila. She had limitation of resources but was committed to ensure better education for her children. In her family, the only source of earning was her husband, working as contract labour in a company.   With limited economic resources, they were capable to manage their fundamental day to day need. But, it was next to impossible for them to arrange money instantly, required for the fee of a reputed school. At the same time the government educational facilities available in her vicinity, were not appropriate, necessary for the bright future of a child. When she attempted to arrange a loan from local private lenders, failed due to unavailability of adequate security. In such a disappointing scenario she lost hope of a quality education and bright future for his children.

Driven with the sole commitment to serve the deprived persons of society, VAMA approached Guddi and her family. While interaction with her family, our executives found her son Dilip highly motivated and confident. He was a student of class 4 but, had very high morals and confidence. Out team concluded that, this talent deserves the assistance to be transformed in to a good professional of future. Accordingly, VAMA granted them a loan of 20000/- required for the payment of school fee resulted in the admission of young boy Dileep in to a school of their choice. Quality education has uplifted the education level of Dileep with a better understanding of studies. In addition to this, Dileep has also started teaching to her mother and father too. With the help of skill of their 9-year-old beloved son, converted in to teacher, they are also getting educated gradually.

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