AATMA NIRBHAR: Aspiring Story of Jyoti Kushwaha

  • Background and Borrower’s details

Jyoti Kushwaha and her husband are self-employed vegetable vendors, selling vegetables door-to-door using a rented handcart. She plans to operate her vegetable business from a shop setup at her home. She wants to avail a loan of   INR 8000/- to start a vegetable shop by purchasing a weighing scale and all kinds of vegetables from a wholesale market. This will help her in reducing the operational cost and increase the profit.

  • Success Story

When Jyoti Kushwaha first came across Rang De, she and her husband were self-employed Vegetable vendors, purchasing seasonal vegetables and selling them door-to-door, using a rented handcart. Despite the couple’s hard work, their fixed costs were high, and returns were low. Moreover, they were unable to stock non-perishables like Onions, Garlic, Ginger etc. This meant wastage and hence, high material costs. Jyoti used her Rang De loan to cut down costs, by purchasing a weighing scale and buying seasonal vegetables at bulk rates. The loan helped increase the family’s income by INR 1500 per month and their monthly savings by INR 400. Encouraged by this positive change, Jyoti has already made plans for her next loan-cycle. Once the current loan is paid off, she intends taking another, to buy non-perishables like Onion and Garlic, at bulk rates and quantities. Part of the new loan will also go towards renting a shop in the market, so that the couple is able to sell to many more customers.

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