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about usBal Mahila Vikas Samiti is a non-profit voluntary organization, registered under Madhya Pradesh societies Registration Act 1973, working for the disadvantaged social groups like Dalits, Tribes, women, working children and other deprived classes.

The society was commenced in 1988 as a result of unprecedented efforts and visionary thoughts of the most concerned individuals who had the affinity with unprivileged and backward rural and urban society. The dream the founders' human society devoid of caste, creed and religion based discrimination, exploitation, atrocities etc.

Over 70, 000 women are made financially literate and many of them have already turned-up as entrepreneurs and service providers’.

Our Plans and actions towards training of ASHA has enabled quick first Aid and Hygienic Delivery of child possible in remote villages.

The big innovation is: VAMA has disbursed more than Rs. 24 crore from 2006 to till now to needy & poor rural & urban slum women.

We remarkably achieved construction of 7483 toilets for poor and disadvantaged in the community in the last financial years. This induction created a hygienic and clean dwelling area of rural and urban slum community

Vision of the Organization

"Sustainable resource support to need based service with the community at the epicenter"

"classless, exploitation, injustice- free, peaceful & enlightened society"

Mission of the Organization

"Initiative for social change through participation of local communities especially women"

Main Objectives of VAMA

  • To ensure information and dissemination.
  • To preserve the natural resources.
  • To develop and repetition approach for sustainable development.
  • To promote alternative income generation to women groups through capacity building and micro credit activities.
  • To promote education, health and fundamental rights empowering Community.
  • To ensure participation of last person of community in planning, implementation and monitoring of development process.
  • To work for development of rural and urban slums develop local resources for generating funds.
  • To Support the growth the development of self managed micro finance services
  • To prepare a cadre of financially literate women community.
  • To build the capacity of mF service provider and the stake holders of mF through appropriate training inputs and mentor services.
  • To develop Proper coordination amongst government, banks, foreign funding and financial institutions.

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donate1"Arise, awake and provide support to the excluded"


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9-C, Maharana Pratap Nagar, Usha Colony,
Lashkar, Gwalior-474009
Madhya Pradesh, India

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VAMA is registered under M.P Society registration Act 1973

Date of Registration: 14th December 1988, Registration No: 21087

Registrations: Registered under the provisions of sec-12 A and 80-G of Income Tax Act-1961,


Credit Rating: MF-4 by SMERA

TAN: BPL B03628 C

Planning Commission of India : MP/2009/0008908

FCRA No. 063280015, Dated 22 August 2000

ISO 9001:2000 Certified