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manorama-deviRelief from Debt Improvement in Work

Manorama Devi

The 'Harsh' Self Help Group of Nayapura presents an example of empowered women through self-employment. The group has 10 members. The president of the group Manorama Devi carries out work of Hosiery (tailoring). Apart from these, she also carves statues from mud and Plaster of Paris (PoP). According to Manorama Devi, she had taken loan amount of Rs 7500 initially and then Rs 12,000 for the second time. She purchased the sewing machine out of the loan amount, she added. Before VAMA, she used to take loans from others at a high rate of interest but now she gets them easily at low rate of interest from VAMA MFI.

anna-deviOwning a Shop

Anna Devi

The president of the group Anna Devi and another member Jayanti Devi have also taken loans to increase investment in their work and gain profit. Anna Devi conducts business of bangles while Jayanti Devi conducts garbage business. According to these members, they have to pay less interest for loans from VAMA MFI and moreover, they do not have to ask for loans from anybody which they previously did from money lenders.



Savitri Devi weaving her success story with assistance from the VAMA' project on MicroFinance Development and Promotion in Gwalior(MP). It is an initiative to provide financial support to entrepreneurs and promote enterprise development

Before Credit of VAMA

Mrs. Saroj's husband work as a gardener and his monthly income is  3000 rs. There and his monthly income is  3000 rs. There are two boys and two girls. The elder daughter is married. One of the boys working at a medical store and he earns 1000rs in a month. Before making themselves at home working pot was earn Rs 1000 per month which was harmful to health. If needed, she had to take the debt from her neighborhood.





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